Operation: Red Dot Welcomes You! 

Operation Red Dot Real Estate originated in Puyallup, WA in January of 2016. We are a “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.” Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated. Our business lives by a code. We not only sell houses, but we also deliver options and solutions. We’re not high pressure sales people chasing a commission check, like some are. Our emphasis is on building the relationship. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal, and we hope you agree that we have the character and resources to achieve that goal. From buying a home to selling flat services, or renting estate or investment homes services anywhere in the Puget Sound area, we can provide what you need.

Whether you're looking for buy at home or sell flat services, or need rent estate or investment homes services, we're here for you in Puget Sound!


What Our Name Means: "Operation: Red Dot"

We are unique among Real Estate businesses. Our strategic operation deploys state-of-the-art software, modern technology, strategic planning, and tactical negotiation to hit our mission targets. We know Real Estate is not really a war, but we run our organization more like a combat mission than as a business. We advocate 90% Preparation, and 10% Execution. We do not leave anything to chance. We organize for as many possibilities as we can. All things considered, the success of the mission relies on proper planning, just as it did in combat. Our operation is not one where we “fly by the seat of our pants.” We succeed through good planning, good funding and by having on hand the right mentality, resources, and personnel. In this way, we gain the upper hand in a demanding real estate market.


Why "Red Dot"? 
There are two parts to this answer. A “Red Dot” style of soldier’s rifle enables the user to aim accurately at targets within a relatively close distance.The user is better able to focus on targets. This point of view can apply to real estate. We think real estate requires active participation, rather than a passive approach. Success in real estate demands a pro-active, aggressive approach.


The “Red Dot” in our logo shows the second definition. In searching for a destination, you’ll find a Red “Marker” showing up. Are you trying to find directions to your local grocery store? You’ll get markers for Points A and B. You can see your destinations more clearly by way of the markers. We’ll consider our mission accomplished when you find your next destination, where you will create your own Red Destination Marker!